It’s FILF Time!

These acronyms have probably been around for a while and it’s just me that’s seeing them for the first time but it kind of feels like they’re taking the piss now.

MILF I have been familiar with for quite some time and it’s not one of the most popular genres, including mine for no good reason. Then a year or so ago I was made aware of GILF which I thought would be Girl I’d Like to Fuck but it turns out to be Granny instead.

And here we are with FILF which is apparently Father I’d Like to Fuck, which I had to look up because I didn’t expect anything in porn to focus on the guy to be honest.

The site is for a large part in line with other step sites in that step daughters seduce their step dads but in this case it’s not limited to that as there also scenes such as their daughters’ friends seducing the dads at sleepovers and a few other hot fantasies.

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A Different Kind of Before and After

Somehow these guys managed to carve a niche for themselves in an industry I was certain was completely saturated with themes.

If you enjoy hard fucking, rough sex, that sort of thing then this site is certainly for you. There’s plenty of face fucking, deepthroating, rough anal and even a bit of spitting and choking, that kind of thing. I know you know the deal.

The focus of the site isn’t specifically on humiliation and the impression I get with the before and after stuff isn’t humiliation but rather a high 5 kind of thing for like minded people. Yup, they post a pic of the women before she got the living daylights fucked out of her and then a pic after. It’s pretty damn entertaining.

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She’s About To Get a Pounding

The striking thing for me almost always with BDSM is that the women look like they are in agony and often they are actually in a considerable amount of discomfort and even pain, but they love it.

Perhaps this is where I lose touch with this fetish as I do not enjoy pain in the slightest bit. I prefer to derive my masochism from other challenges and life has plenty enough of those.

I didn’t realise Asa Akira was into BDSM and honestly I would never have guessed it as it makes zero sense to me.

Why do I say that? Because she is an active and outspoken feminist. Does this scene portray the actions of a feminist? She is about to be absolutely dominated by a group of men and she’s going to do this because she enjoys it. The absolute opposite of what a feminist is about.

Women, eternally mysterious I tell you.

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While I’m not a hardcore BDSM person i will admit that I enjoy a little bit of kink from time to time. When I get that mood for something a little off the mainstream, a touch more daring, pushing the envelope and teasing the taboo line.

I enjoy a bit of kink in terms of perhaps submission, some rope-work perhaps and just a touch of pain but nothing too extreme.

Those are my personal preferences but of course this rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than that and it’s also a immensely wider than just the few disciplines I mentioned.

I found a collection of BDSM and kink sites that catered perfectly for my wants but also left a whole lot that would cater for many of you and the deals they are flaunting is really appealing and so I thought I’d take a moment to mention it.

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Where Your Girlfriend Can Also Get a Reach-Around

None in the pink, since there isn’t one, and two in the stink. Fingers that is of course else we’re into DP too and we’re crossing one bridge at a time.

I can hear this being narrated by David Ateherburrow on National Pornographic. It is at the very least as interesting as an island full of reptiles with deadly poisonous bites.

Do you go see a specialist for half a sex change, or do you ask the plastic surgeon to just slap a pair of tits on your chest while he fixes your nose? Perhaps you end up in two minds and hit the pause button on the complete transition while earning some easy money in a porn niche.

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Tight White Teens Love Massive Black Cocks

Nah, I’m not jealous of the super-sized cocks on these guys at all. I mean their just getting to fuck the finest and tightest little numbers around. Of course I’m jealous, good gawd, have you even seen some of these monsters. Even the smaller ones are not small at all.

I love how clever they named the site too and it’s near impossible to argue as well. I bet if you asked any of those gorgeous models they would agree that that is exactly what happens. If it’s true that bigger is better, then the debate is closed I guess.

It really works for me too, I have to admit. To watch the eagerness with witch the girls try handle these pythons is sexy. On top of that there’s a Blacked discount that works for my pocket too.