While I’m not a hardcore BDSM person i will admit that I enjoy a little bit of kink from time to time. When I get that mood for something a little off the mainstream, a touch more daring, pushing the envelope and teasing the taboo line.

I enjoy a bit of kink in terms of perhaps submission, some rope-work perhaps and just a touch of pain but nothing too extreme.

Those are my personal preferences but of course this rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than that and it’s also a immensely wider than just the few disciplines I mentioned.

I found a collection of BDSM and kink sites that catered perfectly for my wants but also left a whole lot that would cater for many of you and the deals they are flaunting is really appealing and so I thought I’d take a moment to mention it.

Use this link to save on your favourite fetishes. I counted twenty four sites total with varying focus but all offering substantial savings off their regular rates.