Submissive Sluts Humiliated And Hard-Fucked

Pascal’s sub sluts are dirty, dirty girls that love the abuse and don’t mind getting outrageously nasty. You find a whole collection of these wonderful scenes, which take things a bit too far sometimes. It doesn’t matter, though, because, like I’ve said,  these chicks love the abuse, both physical and verbal. Slapped, choked, spat at, spanked, and fucked very, very hard, among many other things. That’s what these sluts will be put through.

Pascal comes up with new ways of providing these girls with pleasurable pain. Sometimes he’ll just improvise with what he has around, like this one time they were near a cactus and pierced the girls butt cheeks with its thorns. Pretty sadistic. There’s a lot of stuff like that going around, but mostly just rough fucking. Wanna check it out? Knock 67% off the price with a discount to Pascals Sub Sluts and knock yourself out!