More of the best porn top links

More of the best porn top links was going to be satisfying my satisfaction for kinky porn once again. Honestly, I couldn’t wait to get in and explore only the top porn links. I didn’t have the time to waste on anything that wasn’t close to the best, but with this porn link list I didn’t have to worry about that.

I was free to explore as many of them as I wanted. I could take as much time as I need and nobody would be silly enough to rush me. Spoiled for choice isn’t something that I am used to. Usually, I am the one who spends the bulk of his time searching for something only to miss out at the last second. I had a good feeling about today so I might as well give this a try and see what decides to come my way.

I always come for the fetish but I also stay for all the kinky porn links that I can get my hands on. I guess we always want the best of both worlds but we will also take whatever we can get.

Get Weird With Hot Asian Babes

Here is a world of beautiful Asian models on full display for your viewing pleasure! I can spend countless hours on this site watching video after video, looking at hundreds of pictures of the hottest Asian girls in the industry! I really enjoy the submissive soft side of most Asian models and their petite bodies. There are thousands of babes on this site, so I’m pretty confident you’re going to find whatever kind of girl that you like.  Right now you can get this Tokyo-Hot discount for up to 45% off. That’s an incredible discount for a ticket to the inside of one of the hottest Asian sites on the net! 

There are over 4350 videos and counting that are going to keep you busy! There are 30 categories ranging from gangbangs to cream pies, ensuring all of your cravings are met. Sometimes things get weird, in the best possible way! The videos are in amazing HD quality giving you perfect views of the action. With such a massive selection of content, you’ll never need another subscription. Get your fix of hot Japanese babes today!

Fucking Hot Babes? Czech!

Not everyone will suck cock for cash, but these horny Czech babes want every drop they can get. What’s the big deal, right? It’s just a little sex in exchange for some quick money. If you like this transactional style of amateur porn which a Euro spin then you’re going to love this hot shit going on over at Czech Streets.

These guys cruise around looking for local chicks with some loose morals and they always find some. There is a ton of public fucking and all manner of explicit sexual activity to lust over, and you’ll have a front-row seat to all the fun! I love the POV angles they shoot since it makes me feel like it’s actually MY cock sliding into all those warm yummy fuck-holes. You should try it out too!

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Huge Cocks Slam Star Throats

I love watching hot, popular porn stars get wrecked in hardcore scenes of rough and raunchy fucking. One of my favorite places to watch my fantasy girls get obliterated is Mug Fucked. This smoking-hot site has an all-star cast, and that entire cast of sluts get their faces, and inevitably, their throats, pounded by enormous rock-hard meat sticks.

The stars found at Mug Fucked all love the abuse, even if you think you see expressions of torture in their faces while the explicitly delicious content plays across your screen, But they truly love every second of the degrading, face-fucking action. 

A membership here gets you the keys to the hardcore, deepthroat kingdom that’s littered with cock-hungry babes just waiting their turn for a throat full of hard cock. Join now to use this Mug Fucked discount for 67% off the regular membership price and enjoy the raunchy content for less. You won’t want to miss superstars like Alexa Grace, Cherie Deville, Kimber Woods, Chanel Preston, and Abella Danger get their punishment from enormous cock, by-way-of having them slammed into the backs of these lead ladies’ mouths, making them gag and choke.

It’s FILF Time!

These acronyms have probably been around for a while and it’s just me that’s seeing them for the first time but it kind of feels like they’re taking the piss now.

MILF I have been familiar with for quite some time and it’s not one of the most popular genres, including mine for no good reason. Then a year or so ago I was made aware of GILF which I thought would be Girl I’d Like to Fuck but it turns out to be Granny instead.

And here we are with FILF which is apparently Father I’d Like to Fuck, which I had to look up because I didn’t expect anything in porn to focus on the guy to be honest.

The site is for a large part in line with other step sites in that step daughters seduce their step dads but in this case it’s not limited to that as there also scenes such as their daughters’ friends seducing the dads at sleepovers and a few other hot fantasies.

It’s pretty crisp and you can save up to 100% with a FILF discount… yeah, that means free.

A Different Kind of Before and After

Somehow these guys managed to carve a niche for themselves in an industry I was certain was completely saturated with themes.

If you enjoy hard fucking, rough sex, that sort of thing then this site is certainly for you. There’s plenty of face fucking, deepthroating, rough anal and even a bit of spitting and choking, that kind of thing. I know you know the deal.

The focus of the site isn’t specifically on humiliation and the impression I get with the before and after stuff isn’t humiliation but rather a high 5 kind of thing for like minded people. Yup, they post a pic of the women before she got the living daylights fucked out of her and then a pic after. It’s pretty damn entertaining.

You can save 51% with a Look At Her Now discount with the special deal they’re running at the moment. Half price for anything is nothing to sneeze at, in fact you’ll struggle to find a discount like that anywhere else. I wish I could get that off my rent.

She’s About To Get a Pounding

The striking thing for me almost always with BDSM is that the women look like they are in agony and often they are actually in a considerable amount of discomfort and even pain, but they love it.

Perhaps this is where I lose touch with this fetish as I do not enjoy pain in the slightest bit. I prefer to derive my masochism from other challenges and life has plenty enough of those.

I didn’t realise Asa Akira was into BDSM and honestly I would never have guessed it as it makes zero sense to me.

Why do I say that? Because she is an active and outspoken feminist. Does this scene portray the actions of a feminist? She is about to be absolutely dominated by a group of men and she’s going to do this because she enjoys it. The absolute opposite of what a feminist is about.

Women, eternally mysterious I tell you.

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A Site That’s Sure To Satisfy Everyone

It’s very rare that you can find a network that covers such a wide variety of niches and categories that everyone is guaranteed to find something that gets them going. Right now you can take advantage of this discount for 83% off and see what I mean. You just might find a new turn on or two.

Members will enjoy having more than 51,400+ videos and 34,850+ photo galleries at their fingertips. With multiple daily updates, you’ll never be able to make it through all the content in this lifetime, but it sure would be fun trying. Videos can be streamed and downloaded with more than 675+ available in stunning 4K quality that provides viewers with crystal clears shots of every detail. You don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by such a massive library of content because it’s all very neatly organized and easy to maneuver through.

Whether you’re just starting out on your porn watching journey, or are an avid viewer, this network is going to provide you with all the hardcore content you could ever want and more.


Sex Through Someone Else’s Eyes

Point of view videos are nothing new to porn. They’ve been popular for a long time and for good reason. Not only do they allow you to watch sex through someone else’s eyes, but they also make it easy to imagine that you are the guy doing the fucking.

There are some draw backs to watching porn this way. For one, you get less angles. If the girl is bent over and the guy is drilling her ass, you aren’t going to be looking at her O face or titties bouncing. Fortunately, porn is well aware of the value in switching positions throughout a scene. It’s a small price to pay, especially when POV blowjobs are the absolute best way to watch a girl going down in a video.

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Swallow It All Honey

What man doesn’t like to get his dick sucked? I’ve never met one? If you aren’t in a position to get your own cock blown, then I’m sure you’ll agree that watching it is the second best option. That’s why I’m such a fan of porn. You can find just about any sex act that gets you going and even give you some ideas if you check out all your options. I’ve always been a fan of oral sex and thought I had seen it all until I came across this site.

Right now you can save $10 with a Premium Bukkake discount and see what I’m talking about. This site take a regular blowjob and amps it up by a thousand. Watch as the most beautiful girls you’ve ever seen open up and suck not just one guy’s hard cock, but his friends too. They all take their turns getting sucked off and when it’s time for release, well, her face looks like a perfect place. Not all the guys have perfect aim and many miss her mouth, but that just adds to the fun.