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She’s About To Get a Pounding

The striking thing for me almost always with BDSM is that the women look like they are in agony and often they are actually in a considerable amount of discomfort and even pain, but they love it.

Perhaps this is where I lose touch with this fetish as I do not enjoy pain in the slightest bit. I prefer to derive my masochism from other challenges and life has plenty enough of those.

I didn’t realise Asa Akira was into BDSM and honestly I would never have guessed it as it makes zero sense to me.

Why do I say that? Because she is an active and outspoken feminist. Does this scene portray the actions of a feminist? She is about to be absolutely dominated by a group of men and she’s going to do this because she enjoys it. The absolute opposite of what a feminist is about.

Women, eternally mysterious I tell you.

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What’s Your Kink?


I remember back when I thought kinky just meant anything other than missionary sex. That was until I dated a chick who was really into BDSM, and opened my eyes to a whole world of hot debauchery that I was more than willing to dive into cock first!

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