Indulge Your Inner Kink

Sometimes we crave something sexy, something new and different. And while we may find hardcore porn all over the web, I have recently begun exploring erotic literature as a means to jumpstart my own sexual creativity, and I have to say it has been exceptionally orgasmic.

Whether they are written by amateur writers or more polished works, there’s still such a big part of yourself that is interjected into the fantasy in comparison to porn videos. They can describe the kinkiest sexiest acts in extreme detail, and you will still find yourself conjuring the images that truly turn you on.

When I began exploring these texts, I found myself transported to a time many years ago with a girlfriend I had fresh out of high school. I had gone to her house one day and she pulled out a porno mag. She turned the page to an erotic story and told me to start reading out loud. She then unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans pulling my cock out. I stopped reading and she stopped. When I began again she started sucking my dick quite enthusiastically. She would only suck as I read, and it didn’t take long before I was shooting loads of hot cum into her wet mouth.

So whether you want to incorporate these fantasies into sex with your partner, or just to enjoy on your own, it’s always a great time. Check out this big list of porn story sites with kinky themes to begin enjoying erotic literature today!